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ZXJ-787 Pillow Winding Up Production Line

Pillow Filling Machinery


Mainly used for processing polyester fiber(like PP fiber, hollow fiber, microfiber,feather fiber) to make pillows.
Working principles:

     At first open the raw fiber, after fan motor to deliver opened fiber into cotton feeding silo, then after carding,cross lapping, cutting process, to control each pillow’s weight. Finally fill the rolled fibers into pillow case.


     ZXJ-787 pillow filling production line is the fifth generation pillow filling equipment, new developed and made in China. The pillows made by this production line is fluffy and rich, soft, shape steady,and very good looking.


Capacity: 120kg/h, 4 pcs of pillows per minute(500g/pc)

Filling inaccuracy: ±10g

Voltage: 380V,50Hz,3 phases

Total power: 28kW