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HC2500 (the latest patented product) New high-speed computer shu

High-Speed Precision Auto


1, the latest design pneumatic feeding institutions, easy to install, fast, smooth;
2, integrated tilt-type body design, the overall appearance of generous, easy to operate, perfect quilted pattern;
3, the first infrared device broken device, non-contact, reliable performance;
4, the first domestic quilted independent pattern, the use of pneumatic thread trimming technology, thread cutting fast;
5, the latest design enhanced arms exercise mechanism, durable, no fuel, speed, vibration;
6, different thickness of the quilted fabric, the overall pressure plate can be easy to operate;
7, perfect safety protection device
8, a new generation of design control system, reliable performance, easy operation, high quilting precision;
9, CAD drawing methods can be enlarged, reduced, arbitrarily modified, convenient and quick;
10, a powerful combination of patterns (covering 360 degrees, 180 degrees pattern) can store more than 2000 patterns;
11, running state detection and prompts, the operation of the machine at a glance;
12, computer pattern automatic compensation function.




Function Parameter




Size (length*width*height) 5200X1500X2000(mm)
Weight 4500kg
Quilt width 2450mm
Rotation speed 600-1200RPM
Production speed 80-230m/h
Needle type 140/22, 160/23, 180/24
Needle arrangement (50.8,76.2,127) (76.2,76.2,152.4)
Max. horizontal movement 450mm
Needle space 25.4mm
Power supply 380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Stitch size 2-7 mm
Power 7 KW
Quilting thickness ≤80mm




Grouped Equipment




19-inch large LCD New enhanced double bearing pin row seat Activity hopper, fabric elastic adjustable Electronic control circuit is simple,

practical,easy to maintain




Application Range

Quilted senior mattress fabrics, bedding, home decoration a variety of tricks.



Manufacturing Capacity





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