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CS Series Computerized Shuttle Multi-Needle Quilting Machine

Multi Needle Quilting Machine 14
  • Product Description

CS series computerized shuttle multi-needle quilting machine 


  1. Newly upgraded computer control and mechanical manufacturing process technology.

  2. The needle bar movement adopts the needle bar frame mechanism, and there is no need for additional oil, thus avoiding the occurrence of oily fabrics.

  3. The structure of the needle bar frame is firmer and less prone to damage, and the maintenance cost is low.

  4. Both the saddle frame and the roller are driven by servo equipment.

  5. It adopts the movement mode of saddle frame guide rail, which has stable operation, more beautiful pattern and lower wire breakage rate.

  6. The spindle adopts frequency conversion control device.

  7. When the machine is running, the computer can adjust the speed between 500-1000, and the needle distance can be set arbitrarily from 2mm to 8mm.

  8. It adopts the method of direct printing with the mouse, and is compatible with the embroidery file format (DST DSB).

  9. It can do 360 degree quilting and quilting embroidery and unlimited pattern step quilting and quilting embroidery.

  10. Pattern compensation function can effectively solve the problem of pattern deformation caused by thickening of quilting materials.

  11. Advanced and practical upper thread disconnection detection technology, automatic shutdown function when disconnected.

  12. The fuselage and beams are reinforced, and the machine runs more stably.


CS series computerized shuttle multi-needle quilting machine technical parameters :