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This ZJ-1A Bonnell spring coiling machine is mainly used for producing bonnell springs suitable for mattress,furniture and automobile cushion industries. This spring coiling machine consists of following systems: wire delivery, spring coiling, spring delivery, knotting, heat-treatment and spring packaging. All systems are mechanical and work simultaneously. The machine is controlled with PLC and touch screen. The production is automatic and needs only one operator. Changing parts can produce springs in a variety of sizes. Main machine inside a safety cabin to prevent accident and noise. The manchine is high in capacity and low in labor consumption.

Main Technical Parameters:

Capacity: (60-70) coils/min
Power Supply: 3-Phase, 380V, 50Hz
Total Power: 26KW
Wire Diameter: (Φ2.0~Φ2.4)mm
Spring Height:(110~200)mm
Spring End-Coil Diameter:(Φ65~Φ90)mm
Wire Bobbin:Min ID: 350mm; Max OD: 1000mm
Main Machine Weight: 2000kg

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