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ZJ-3 Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler Description

This Spring coiling machine is mainly used for producing bonnell springs suitable for mattresses, cushions and automobile upholstery. It consists of the systems of wire delivering, spring coiling, spring delivering, knotting, heat-treatment and spring piling. The completion of all spring action output is operated by one person in a work cycle. The machine can be adjusted in a wide range of spring end-coil diameter, mid-coil diameter, height and wire diameter.

ZJ-3 Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler Description

Main Technical Parameters:

Capacity: 80 coils/min
Wire Diameter: Φ2.0~Φ2.4mm
Spring Height: 120~200mm (4 turns,95mm high is optional)
End-Coil diameter: Φ65~Φ90mm
Spring Turns: 4-6t
Power Supply: 380V/50Hz
Total Power (Max): 33kw
Average Power: 15kw
Wire Bobbin Maximum Load: 1000kg
Wire Bobbin Minimum Internal Diameter: 350mm
Wire Bobbin Maximum External Diameter: 1000mm
Safety Cabin Dimensions: 1860X1600X1900mm
Machine Dimensions: 5200X1600X1900mm
Occupancy Area: 6400X3500mm
Total Weight: 2800kg

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