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DN-4 Automatic Pocket Spring Assembling Machine

This pocket spring assembling machine is used for assembling pocket spring unit via extruding glue through the nozzle to the spring rows and top and bottom non-woven covers.

It automatically cuts the non-woven covers after spring unit is finished. DN-4 has function such as assembling top and bottom non-woven fabric, auto-cutting and interrupted gluing. Top and bottom non-woven covers are assembled by continuous gluing and is optional to customers as they wish.

Spring rows can be assembled either by continuous or interrupted gluing which can save much glue but just is a little bit slower than continuous gluing. Adopting touch screen, the machine is easy to operate, highly automatic with stable performance and well-glued effect. This machine saves glue substantially thus greatly reducing the cost of the product. It is the ideal equipment for mattress production.



Automatic Pocket Spring Assembling Machine Main Technical Specification:

Spring Shape:

Barrel, Cylindrical

Gluing Width:


Production Speed:

120pcs pocket spring/ min

End-Coil Diameter:


Spring Height:


Outer Diameter Of Non-Woven Fabric Reel:


Non-Woven Fabric Reel Weight:


Power Supply:

3 Phase, 380V, 50HZ

Air Consumption:

0.1 m3/min

Air Pressure:


Total Power:


Overall Dimension:


Machine Weight:





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