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DS-5B Mattress Flanging Machine


This mattress flanging machine is mainly used for flanging mattress panel and fabric. It can also sew non-woven fabric together with the panel.


1. Double-needle-four-thread synchronous structure and strong cloth-feeding system ensuring feeding precision and perfect seam.

2. The sewing speed is controlled with imported needle position motor and control box.

3. Equipped with pneumatic auto presser foot, equipped with special encorder to position needles. Low noise, small vibration, stable performance.


Technical Parameters:


Max Rotating Speed: 2200RPM

Flanging Stitch Length: 15mm

Flanging Thickness: (30-60)mm

Stitch length: (2-6)mm

Needel model: B64/TV64

Air supply: 0.5-0.8 Mpa

Power: 560W

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