Printed quilt set



This mattress tape edge machine is mainly used for tape edging of mattress panel, sleeping bag and tent.


Technical features:

1. Equipped with imported or China-made sewing head according to customers requirement.

2. Hand-controlled lifting table, hand-controlled titling of sewing head.
3. Hand-controlled speed for moving of carriage and sewing, hand-controlled slowdown at corners.
4. Straight, enen and trim seam.
5. Low noise, low vibration, stable performance.

Main Technical Parameters:

Thickness Of Mattress: (40-300)mm 
Table Lifting Range: 260mm
Max Tilting Angle: 40
Power Supply: Single-Phase, 220V, 50Hz
Table Size: 1930×1300mm 
Overall Dimension: 2130×2010×1565mm 
Total Power: 400W 
Total Weight: 464Kg
Capacity: 15units/h

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