1.Quilting and embroidery is completed together.
2.Y axis is driven by roller system.
3.Keep fabric smooth by tension motor when fabric feed-in and feed-out.
4.XYZ direction adopt the servo control system,to ensure the accuracy of embroidery.
5.Auto-stop device.
6.Auto-return for patch-up embroidery function.
7.Automatic lubrication system.
8.Easy head selectin for quilting function.
9.Continuously quilting independent patterns function,jumping quilting function.
10.Tajima,Barudan,ZSK and SWF formats can be read.
11.The unique mechanical structure can reduce the vibration,thereby its better to control the vibration and reduce noise.


  • Parameters (unit: mm):
  • Size (L * W * H):5400 * 1400 * 2000
  • Weight: 3000kg
  • Quilting width: 3352
  • Needle space: 67.5
  • X-axis movement: 260
  • Head quantity: 25
  • Rotating shuttle: big rotating shuttle
  • Quilting thickness:20-600g
  • Stitch: (binary system)0.15-12 .7 mm
  • Needle storage capacity: 120 000 stitches
  • Pattern storage capacity: 960 pieces
  • Rolling speed:300-850 r / min
  • Needle type: #14、#16
  • Principle drive: Servo motor drive
  • Voltage (AC): 380V/50HZ 220V/60HZ
  • Power: 5KW

Use: garments,sleeping bags, bedspreads, upholstery, and all kinds of cushion etc.






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