30L horizontal sand mill, sand grinding mill adopts the dual end surface mechanical sealing with reliability and durability. • It mated with the Cooling liquid compatible to the ground material in order to reduce the pollution of ground material. • It makes the material into aggressiveness and give the strong grind so that the grains reaches the required fineness in short time. • The machine is easily operated with reliability and high production efficiency. • Depending to different requirements, the different models of machines can satisfy with customers.
Related Parameters Type Tank capacity Motor power Production capacity Finess Pump type SW-5A 5L 5.5kw 20-100kg/h 2-20um Diaphragm or Gear SW-15A 15L 11kw 30-200kg/h 2-20um Diaphragm or Gear SW-20A 20L 18.5kw 40-300kg/h 2-20um Diaphragm or Gear SW-30A 30L 22kw 50-600kg/h 2-20um Diaphragm or Gear SW-50A 50L 37kw 100-1000kg/h 2-20um Diaphragm or Gear SW-250A 250L 75kw 1500-2000kg/h 2-20um Diaphragm or Gear
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